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Pie-in-the-Sky Farm
Apartment at Pie in the Sky
93 Dwinell Road
Marshfield, Vermont 05658

6-room apartment, including full kitchen, living room with woodstove, sunroom with hottub, and two bathrooms. $ 875 / week in 2019
You may inquire about shorter term apartment rentals and the cost.
Apartment rental is self-catering.
  • Apartment and suite are the same space, (1/2 the farmhouse) -- but used in different ways. Only the suite rental includes breakfast, and we are phasing this out during the year of 2019.

    Pie in the Sky is ideal for small groups and families.
    We have flexibility to offer so once you have reserved the whole suite, or the apartment, (half the old farm house), and your party grows or shrinks by one or two people beyond what we have originally agreed to host, we can probably accommodate (even if sometimes this involves using another room from our side of the house).

    Entire private 6-room space including two bathrooms, hottub -- includes continental breakfast, vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian.
  • Suite for 1 - 3 people with continental + breakfasts = $190/two night minimum
  • Suite for 4 people with continental + breakfasts = $210/two night minimum
  • Suite for 5 people with continental + breakfasts = $230/two night minimum
  • If you are traveling with a baby or a toddler, we can probably accommodate. We have cribs and chair lifts and toys for small visitors and sheep to pet. Please inquire ahead. Pie in the Sky is noted for it's flexibility - so if you need to add or substract someone from your initial reservation, we can usually accommodate.
    Please note, the place is well set up for up to five. There is an additional room available on the owners' half of the house, at small additional charge, should your party grow to six or seven people.
    Also, note: in 2019 we are transitioning to only short term apartment rentals with our in inn space (the whole space). We wiill consider breakfast arrangements only if you are a returning guest of Pie in the Sky coming to visit us one last time before breakfast is not an option whatsoever. We apologize for this change, but it has become necessary.
    For individual rooms housing two people: (for returning old Pie in the Sky Guests)
    $120/ night with continental + breakfasts, for a two or more night stay.
    $135/ night with breakfasts on the rare occasion we migh accept someone for a stay of only one night
    We will occasionaly accept one night reservations if you are traveling and can only make your stay work for one night, and more likely do so if you are traveling to US from abroad and can only stay with us one night
    options with cooked breakfasts phasing out by end of summer 2019

    Single room for one person for two or more nights: $95/night with continental breakfast

    We encourage more spontaneity with the single room. if you need the single room; & if we can fit you in around another party renting a larger room or rooms, we will be glad to do so. If we rent to you as a single too far ahead, we close out the opportunity for anyone to rent as a suite for a larger party, so do not be surprised if writing way ahead we are unable to give you a definite answer on the single.

          On the rare occasions when the rooms are occupied by different parties, one party takes the downstairs bath, and onethe upstairs bath across a narrow hall from their room. This has worked out comfortably for all concerned for nineteen years.

    Two night minimum stay -
         Reservations and Payments
    We would be happy to accept payments via credit card orPayPal if you are traveling from abroad, or by check or credit card if US. Checks strongly perferred in our efforts to keep costs down. Please make second and final payment at check - out via cash or check if you have a US account

         Half the amount of your anticipated stay is requested as deposit. If you cancel a room or the suite at least fourteen days before your scheduled stay, your deposit will be refunded minus $35 service charge. If you need to cancel an apartment rental of a week or more, we will need six weeks notice for a full refund (minus service charge). Alternatively, we will carry your deposit forward to another time. At checkout, we have a preference for receiving your personal check or cash.

         Smoking Policy

    For our continued good health and yours, and for the preservation of this historic property, smoking is not permitted inside the Inn. Smoking is permitted outdoors on the Smoking Porch and on benches in one of the gardens.

      Telephone: 1-802-426-3777
      email: please cut and paste email into your mail program: vermont@pieinsky.com
      Email is probably the fastest and easiest way to contact us, with an occasional exception. We usually respond within a half day or day, if not apologies - please call. Occasionally, we may be away traveling, and our response slightly slower - but hang in there - we have always answered, and answered inquiries from Greece & from Iceland in recent year's travels.